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Jack Brown: Music

Fat Man (with band)

(Jack Brown)
© Jack Brown

The world keeps spinning faster
Life goes flying by
No time to find who done what
Or where or when or why.
Stuck in rush-hour traffic
You turn on the radio
And listen to the man with the big plan tell you
All that you should know.
He delivers grandiose attacks
In sound bites 30 seconds max
And swears that everything he says is fact.

When you believe everything the fat man tells you,
Life can be a breeze.
And when you buy everything the ad man sells you
It puts your mind at ease.
Don’t think about the headlines day to day
Forget about the world and it goes away.
When you believe everything the fat man tells you
Your skies are never gray.

He says it’s really simple
It’s all in black and white.
It’s the usses against the thems —
They’re wrong and we’re right.
He says we’re the moral defenders
Of justice and liberty
And they’re the rotten, loathsome, godless
Public enemy.
Oh, don’t that make life peachy-keen
You’re a member of the winning team
Like a picture from your favorite magazine.


On every a.m. station, you hear them speaking out
They’re not all fat, they’re not all men
But they all have great big mouths.
They’re filling up the nation with hate and jealousy
And making untold millions off of gullibility.

Most of those poor sheep
Aren’t evil, just perplexed.
First you got to hit them with the truth
And here’s what you tell them next.
Turn of your television
Put your radio on the shelf
And learn to read and write and think
And live for your own self.
Don’t believe the stories you’ve been told!
The media’s been bought and sold
And America’s been left out in the cold.

(REPEAT CHORUS with new line — Why be bothered with reality? Who needs brains when you have a TV?)