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Jack Brown: Music

Groovy (vocal/guitar)

(Jack Brown)

Maybe you could come and visit in the winter
And brighten up this house of gray and blue.
We could go out walking in the whiteness.
(It usually only snows an inch or two.)
Then hurry back and brew some homemade cocoa
And sip it while we watch a Hitchcock movie.
If you could come and visit in the winter,
I think that my whole year might turn out groovy.

Maybe you could come to visit in the springtime
When all the hills are turning verdant green.
The snow still lingers way up in the mountains,
A backdrop straight out of a Capra scene.
And in the evening things can cool off quickly
Enough to make us cuddle by the fire.
If you could come and visit in the springtime,
There’s no telling what that might inspire.

Or you could come in the warmth of summertime.
The sun’s up late and there’s lots of trees
For your little girl to climb.
And fall’s also nice when the aspens turn gold.
But they’re so much more beautiful with a hand to hold.

Maybe you cold come and visit for forever.
It’s such a lot to ask of you I know.
Besides, I’m not an easy man to live with.
I like old flicks and long strolls in the snow.
But I could guarantee love everlasting –
A promise that I’d always be yours truly.
If you could come and visit for forever,
I think that both our lives might turn out groovy.