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Jack Brown: Music

The Road To Happy (live cut)

(Jack Brown)
© Jack Brown

Woke up this morning to a perfect day outside
Cool breeze and sunshine, mighty nice weather for a bicycle ride
So I pumped those tires, dusted that helmet, packed some snacks and a brew.
And I left Amarillo heading south – sign said “HAPPY 32"
It’s the road to Happy.

Some say that highway’s a barren waste, nothing to do or see.
So they drive real fast and phone their friends ‘cause they don’t have time or they’re in a hurry.
But me and my bike and the beasts and birds – we’re gonna take it slow.
It’s about what you see and feel and breathe and not about where you go
On the road to Happy. (2x)

Happy’s not a frown turned upside-down,
It’s more than just another Panhandle town.
It’s a journey, not a destination –
A long, slow train with a whole lot of stations.
You can skip all the stops and get there fast
Or you can smell the flowers and make the magic last
On the road to Happy. (2x)

In a rusted-out old pickup I broke my morning fast.
Hit the road again goin’ ‘gainst the wind, then the rain came down, hard as glass.
So I sheltered under a trestle near a field just freshly plowed.
Closed my eyes and found all the smells and sounds of that blessed thundercloud
On the road to Happy.

(CHORUS – or you can dance in the rain until the storm has passed)
Storms will come and winds will blow,
Hurricanes and tornados go.
I watch the wheels turn to tomorrow
Ridin’ down that Happy road.

The sun came out and shined about that pavement black and steamy.
I was back in the saddle, riding hard with my spirit soaring, my mind all dreamy.
I made it clear to Happy and lay down in the park.
Then I hopped back on and took my time – made it home by dark
On the road to Happy. (2x)

(CHORUS – or you can take a nap in the dusty, weed-choked grass)