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Jack Brown: Music

Back in the Day (live cut)

(Jack Brown)
copyright Jack Brown

My earliest memories are of snow falling down
And you and me laughing and dancing around
Building snowmen and snow forts and entire snow towns
In a land far away and somewhere.
We gave up the snow for the sun and the sand
Where we’d spend afternoons playing rock and roll band,
Then climb up to the tree house, close our eyes and hold hands
And promise we’d always be there.

We traded high-fives in the hallways at school
Many long years before high fives were cool.
People would stop and wonder what kind of fools
We were – the new kids in town.
But we didn’t care, we’d just laugh on our way
And meet back at home at the end of the day.
Then plotted ideas to turn momma’s hair gray
Though we knew she’d just color it brown.

That was back in the day.
Back before the whole world turned to black, white and gray.
With long summer walks, skippin’ stones out along the Back Bay.
Watching thunderstorms roll in from far, far away,
You’d tell me of girls and their mysterious ways.
We’d stay up all night never lacking for something to say.
Back in the day.

One day we came home to a great pile of black
From memories to ashes, never to come back.
We salvaged your room in one brown paper sack
And I secretly watched while you cried.
Through some twist of fate, most of my stuff was spared
So what I had left was what we both shared.
The stench of the soggy and stale, smokey air
Will live with us both till we die.

One day you left home to see what you could find.
Then it was my turn, just one year behind.
I never went back, except in my mind
Although you eventually did
Though we’re now separated by 2000 miles
And we meet face to face only once in a while,
When you say “little brother,” it still makes me smile
Just like when we were both kids.

(CHORUS – change “girls” to “chicks”)