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Jack Brown: Music

I Don't Care

(Jack Brown)
June 26, 2008
Jack Brown
I wrote this one after:

1. Watching a guy on an Amtrak train spend five hours reading two society mags cover to cover;

2. Seeing that the top news story in the presidential primary was Hillary's hairstyle;

3. Going to a completely innocent lyrics website and finding a link to some panty-less starlet.

© Jack Brown

Did you get a load of this week’s latest news
About the sexy stud muffins and the ingenues.
It’s on all the web sites and your TV screens.
It’ll soon hit the covers of the magazines.
They tell us ‘bout who’s doing what with whom
And who has a baby growin’ in whose womb
So don’t you skip an episode – you’ll fall behind.
Turn on the news now – it’ll blow your mind.

I don’t care care how she fixes her hair
Who’s his latest affair, what she does (or doesn’t) wear down there.
These magazines turn our brains into cheese.
We’ve all got five TV’s. It’s a societal disease, I swear –
I don’t care!

Come worship at the altar of celebrity
They have it so much better than you and me.
They got fame, fortune, beauty and religion too
And so much free time they don’t know what to do.
We get three minutes on war and peace
Or the news overseas in the Middle East.
Then they give us half an hour of the latest slime
So we’ll have something to talk about at dinnertime.


Deepest passions – hottest fashions.
Cheating spouses – million-dollar penthouses.
Too fat, too thin – too feminine.
Mega-divorces – and the inside scoop from unnamed sources.

VERSE 3 (half-verse)
They’re on every cover story in the grocery line,
But they sure as shootin’ wouldn’t be if we weren’t buyin’.
If we could cancel our subscriptions and turn off our TV’s,
We might like the peace and quiet (and we’d save a few trees).

(CHORUS) (new line – man, it’s nothing but sleaze!)