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Jack Brown: Music

Boxes (with band)

(Jack Brown)
© Jack Brown

I pulled the box down off the shelf.
Thought I’d left it somewhere else
A long long time ago.
Tried to throw it in the trash,
But something made me take it back.
A voice inside said, “No.”
Set it by the bed last night.
Couldn’t get to sleep though I tried with all my might.

So I opened it and read
All the words that she had said
In that other time and place.
And though the words were worn and old,
Still they burned into my soul.
And echoed through the empty space.
They’re only words I say.
But they bring back to mind those long-lost yesterdays.

And if I live a thousand years, I will still recall the pain.
And if I cry a million tears, I’ll just start all over again.
And if she should pass your way, tell her I’m still living by myself.
Tell her I’m still pulling boxes off of shelves.

Found the music and the words
To that song she never heard —
The only one I ever wrote.
And though it’s been so very long
Since I sang and played that song,
I still remember every note.
Through these quiet lonely years,
That simple melody’s been all that I could hear.
I saw the watch she tossed away
On that perfect summer’s day
Back when time seemed to stand still.
But now time flies by too fast,
Seems like nothing ever lasts.
Except memories always will.
Just when you think they’ve gone away,
Memories sneak up behind like ghosts from yesterday.

(Chorus — new ending:)
Tell her that I’m feeling fairly well
Except when I pull boxes off of shelves.

It was almost break of day
When I put that box away
Hid it really well this time.
But on another lonely night
When the time is feeling right,
It won’t be too hard to find.
Like a pebble in your shoe,
Memories keep rollin’ round no matter what you do.

(Chorus — new ending:)
Tell her that I’m not with someone else.
Tell her I’m still pulling boxes off of shelves.