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Jack Brown: Music

Richest Kids In Town

(Jack Brown)
June 26, 2008
Jack Brown
Nothing special -- just a good ol' "Even though we ain't got money" song.
© Jack Brown

My neighbor smiles and waves sayin’ “How’s it goin’?”
Margarita on his hammock while Jose’s mowin’.
There’s a big yellow Hummer, a little red Miata,
The quarterback son and the cheerleader daughter.
Sometimes I wish we had a lot more stuff,
But then you wink at me from the window and that’s enough.

We’re the richest kids in town – life couldn’t be better
Proppin’ up our feet on naugahyde leather
With the greatest love that anyone’s ever found.
They have a McMansion and a place in Cancun
But she ain’t got me and he ain’t got you
And late-night DVD’s cuddlin’ under fake goose down –
We’re the richest kids in town.

They talk about summers jettin’ off to Bermuda.
Sailboat races, trolling barracuda.
We smile and pack a bag and dream of gettin’ lucky.
We’ll empty the change jar and cruise down to Biloxi.
If the slots and dice leave us beaten and battle-scarred,
We’ll sneak off to Gulf Shores with a cooler and a credit card.


Or maybe when they go, we’ll stay at home
And sneak into their hot tub while they’re gone
And have us a little high time of our own.