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Jack Brown: Music

I Miss The Noise (live cut)

(Jack Brown)
June 26, 2008
Jack Brown -- lyrics and music
Read an interview with Ricky Scaggs in which he mentioned his mixed emotions about his youngest child -- an electric-guitar-playing-son -- having grown up and moved out.
© Jack Brown

We packed that car so tightly, I was certain it would burst.
Sent another off to college – he reminds me of the first.
And late last June my little girl dressed up in lace and veil.
She used to play that way each day, but this time it was real.
Catching up on reading was my plan,
But somehow these old scrapbooks are what end up in my hands.

The quiet’s nice, but I miss the noise.
I like the spotless floors and walls, but I miss the scattered toys.
No more chatty, giggling girls, no more boisterous boys.
Last night, I thought I heard a baby’s voice.
The quiet sure is nice, but I miss the noise.

I can spend weekends with PJ’s on, sometimes even less.
I can cook the food I like to eat, and leave the sink a mess.
I can play old LP’s loud and proud and shuffle to the beat
Right where the carpet’s worn down flat by years of growing feet.
This house has always seemed one room too small,
But now my footsteps and the memories echo down the empty halls.


I come home after work each day, go catch a movie, watch a play
Or take a random trip off to the coast.
I must admit the freedom’s great, but sometimes I wouldn’t hesitate
To go back to those days I miss the most.

(CHORUS – new line: Oh, what I’d give to hear a baby’s voice.)