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Jack Brown: Music

You Are Still Speaking (live cut)

(Jack Brown)
June 26, 2008
Jack Brown -- music and lyrics
Inspired by my own personal experiences with the Almighty in creation and scripture, as well as by the UCC motto.
© Jack Brown

When I read the Bible, when I sit by the sea;
When I hear the sermon, when I walk among tall trees;
When I hear the music, when I hear thunder rip the sky;
In word and action, you sing out and testify.

You are still speaking in all that I see and hear and know.
You didn’t stop speaking all those two thousand years ago.
You are still calling me to follow brand-new paths you’ve trod.
You are still speaking. After all of time, you’re the living, breathing God.

I read the Wisdom, I see the dawn of Spring.
I read the Prophets, I hear Martin Luther King.
I read the Gospels, your words and deeds displayed.
I hear you calling me to be someone’s miracle today.


In all of creation, you sing our your song.
You teach us new verses till we sing along.
But also you call us in heart, soul and mind
To be your hands and your voice to all humankind.

I know you’re out there, I don’t need philosophical proof.
I’ve heard your still, small voice since my days of early youth.
When I have wandered, you’ve pointed to the way.
And when I’ve stumbled, you’ve helped me up and taught me to say . . .