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Jack Brown: Music

My House

(Jack Brown)
July 1, 2010
Jack Brown -- music and lyrics
Both scenes described in the first two verses really happened, in the Spring of 2009, at my house.
© Jack Brown, May 2009

As Spring began this year and I cleaned up the dirt and leaves,
I discovered a new roommate right underneath my eaves.
A bird had set up residence in a gutter meant for rain.
I watched for weeks as mom and child survived inside a drain.
One stormy night I drove in from a weekend out of town.
The momma bird was nowhere; the baby bird had drowned.
“A stupid place to build a nest” is what some folks might say.
But maybe once there was a tree where my house is today.

This morning as I listened to a now-forgotten tune.
I gazed into my back yard and encountered a raccoon.
I dashed outside to run him off, but he just wandered ‘round,
So I opened up the gate and he went out without a sound.
I wondered why this animal had trespassed on my land.
Were there lots more where he came from, with ranges to expand?
They should stay in the wilderness, not in suburbi-AY.
But once there was a wilderness where my house is today.

I wonder what it looked like here with all the critters’ houses.
Raccoons and sage grouses, buffalos and mouses.
I love to drive down streets where my parents used to play.
Maybe that raccoon was just reliving yesterdays.

Some say that Christ is coming back to take us to the sky.
Others say that nature will replace us by and by.
Perhaps it’s just God’s way of giving someone else a turn
To run this tiny planet that we’ve tried so hard to burn.
Could the animals do better at managing the place?
Would nature, red in tooth and claw, find balance, peace and grace?
But most of all, I wonder if the creatures, in their play,
Would pause to ponder who lived here where my house is today.

Somewhere, ages and ages hence, will there be any evidence?
Tomato plants, a piece of fence – a scrap of sappy eloquence?
Will any beasts see any trace that one who thought about their fates
Once passed along this way
Where my house is today?