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Jack Brown: Music

Life Is Beautiful

(Jack Brown)
July 1, 2010
Jack Brown -- music and lyrics
I wrote this one after thinking about the non-traditional places where we meet the sacred and holy.
© Jack Brown
Everywhere you go, it’s the same old scene.
People think God is a vending machine.
You put in this – that’s what you get out.
But God never promised no walk in the park.
On our very best days, we’re stumbling in the dark.
Easy little answers are not what God’s about.

Life is a journey into the great unknown.
Every step’s a new adventure all it’s own.
If you’re looking for truth, it’s going to take some time.
Take a step off the path, roll around in the grass and you’ll find
Life is beautiful.

Some think life’s about collecting toys,
Leaving lots of marks, making big noise
And seeing who can sweep up the biggest loot.
What a useless, fruitless game to play
Like raking wet leaves on a blustery day.
When you finally go, do you think God’ll give a hoot?


God’s not you servant, he’s not your chauffeur
You’re in the driver’s seat, man, you choose every turn.
You’re not God’s puppet, life’s not a plan.
Make wise decisions and do your best to follow the man.

God’s not a book written long ago.
God still speaks – God told me so.
God’s in the sky, earth, sea and night and day.
God’s not religion, God’s not a creed.
God’s in every egg and in every seed.
God is God – there’s nothing else you can say.