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Jack Brown: Music

True Love (live -- from Folkstage)

(Jack Brown)
July 1, 2010
Jack Brown -- music and lyrics

Performed on Rich Warren's Folkstage/Midnight Special live national radio broadcast, Saturday, August 28, 2010.

    © Jack Brown

You don’t like the way she hangs her undies up to dry.
And she don’t like the way you brush you teeth from side to side.
But you like to watch her sashay when she walks into a room
And she likes sleeping in your arms on Sunday afternoons.
You can’t live with or without her, there’s too much then not enough –
Must be true love.

She empties out your bank account two new shoes at a time.
You watch all the sports highlights that come on every night at nine.
But when she calls and leaves a message, it’s the highlight of your day.
You forget about this thing called work and look forward to some play.
It’s a square peg and a round hole, then it fits just like a glove –
Must be true love.

You like straight black coffee
She likes sweet latte (2nd time: sweet Earl Grey)
You plan for tomorrow
She lives for today.
Sometimes each one of you wonders just what you were thinking of.
But you keep on coming back for more and more of that true love.

Love is not the way you feel when the magic first kicks in.
It’s what you do to make it come back over and over again.
It’s random roses, breakfast in bed, tickets to a play.
It’s unexpected hugs and kisses on gloomy, rainy days.
It’s how you keep it going when the going gets real tough –
Now, that’s true love.