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Jack Brown: Music

Imperfect Timing (with band)

(Jack Brown)
© Jack Brown

Sweethearts for life in their little hometown
So small that you can’t get lost and you can’t be found
She wants to marry and settle down
And live off the fertile black ground
But he’s got this dream about going away
To be a big rock n roll star in the lights of L.A.
They can’t think of a word to say
Except a promise to write every day.

Looks like another case of imperfect timing.
They’re singing a song of love but the words aren’t rhyming.
Where does the time go?
Why must the sands flow away so fast?
Oh, why can’t it last?

Well those days turn to weeks and the nights get long.
She’s living alone, he’s out singing her favorite songs.
The flesh grows weak as the heart feels strong.
You don’t know what’s right or wrong.
Late one night she’s feeling low.
She waits up so she can call him after his show.
It breaks her poor little heart don’t you know
When a woman’s voice says “hello.”


Once upon a time I heard a fairy tale with magic words
Like “happily ever after in the end.”
But we don’t live in a nursery rhyme.
Things just don’t work out sometimes.
We can never turn it around and start again.

Well those weeks turn to years as the time flies by.
The music won’t play anymore, his dream’s running dry.
He sees her picture and starts to cry.
Can’t even remember why.
His mind’s made up, he can’t take anymore.
He hits the road, heads to his hometown just like before.
Rings her bell but his heart hits the floor
When another man answers the door.